Upgrade Your Coffee

After you have upgraded your water

Upgrade your coffee.  Buy the highest quality coffee that you can, from the richest soil with the best environmental story.

If you care to know, Organic coffee from Costa Rica is a fraud.  There is no approved USDA Organic treatment for the Roya virus.  The scam is that some farms plant a bit of coffee, which is “Organic”,  allowed to suffer with Roya, then either grow their own or even import conventionally grown coffee, which is labelled “Organic” for havin passed through an “Organic” farm.

We know that Oso Farms has turned down major sales opportunities based on refusing on principle to take part in this scam.

Try OsoFarmsCoffee.com – Almost certainly better than any coffee you have ever had – If not, contact for a refund, and with a great family and story, as well.




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