Routinize Your Exercise

Consistent with Reduce Decision Fatigue, I have two primary workouts, both of which can be done at home, neither of which absolutely requires equipment.

#1 is my half hour of Surya C (yoga) with Briohny Smyth, who is readily found on YouTube.  This video was from, which has one of the best ftee trials, 60 days, available on Groupon.  This particular routine seems the perfect antidote to so called civilized life, with the sitting and rounded shoulders typical in desk based work.  The hamstring flexibility is a major bonus for the knees, and the mental health benefits of yoga come along for the ride.

The second part is an 8 minute HIIT routine called Anabolic Running (YouTube), by AnabolicTribe, whom I recommend generally, except for their crazy over-emphasis on protein.

#2 is a push-pull day, with pushups and pullups/chinups.  You can mix these, alternate, etc.  I am working around 3 sets of 50 on pushups, and 3 sets of 12 on pulls.  Do what you can, and increase slowly.  Gary Walker of AnabolicTribe has YouTube videos on both.

Give these a try, you will likely be pleasantly surprised.  The push/pull engages the large muscles of the upper body, as well as the forearms.  The Anabolic Running has some subtle ab work during mountain climbers, as does the yoga, generall, with all the planking, wheter it’s called that or not. 



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