Stack it up 

.From the bottom up:

sleep, obviously – Enough, and of maximum quality.

A pro-Testosterone mindset – looking for every opportunity to eat well, exerise intensely, shower cold, win, etc.

The best water you can get – distilled, if necessary.  In fact, as a Chemical Engineer and from experience, distill a gallon of your “city” water, I dare you.  When I did that in the past in southeast PA, there would remain about a tablespoon of a foul yellow-brown thick liquid.  As I heard one upstream guy say to a Philly guy – if we didn’t flush, you wouldn’t have drinking water.  Think about it.  And filter hard, and/or distill.

Fasting, at least intermittent, at least 16/8

Michael Pollan, “How Not to Die” based diet, high in fruit.

Meditate – Lots of apps ont there- it’s pretty simple.


 Yoga – As suits you, your requirements and goals, almost daily.

HIIT – High Intensity exercise over long duration (see Pro-Testo)

Fun – Stuff you enjoy

Sun – On as much skin as  you can get away with.

Resistance Training

Quality Coffee – Couple cups a day, preferably a.m., ideally, the first a bit before your workout.

Cardio – Enough cardio to keep things interesting, especially competitive team sports in a social setting

Exo – Exotic and Exogenous -sensible supplements – organic produce powder, dried mushrooms, etc.




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