Making the Best of Work from Home

So, your company has offered you the opportunity to work from home. Think of the time you will save in your commute, and other esthetics like shaving – perhaps, even changing out of your pajamas – no judgement.

With a little creativity, you can parlay your newfound time and energy into better health, including making the best of “home” and “family” time.

What have you put aside? Exercise, meditation, sleep, rest. getting outside for some fun?

Here are some suggestions:

As always, but especially when there is something “going around”, try to Eat for Immunity . Notice that the vast majority of those foods are plant based, not meat and starch. Bump up your fundamentals of food and nutritional understanding. Eat healthier, eat less, if you are doing less or maybe you’re getting your health back. Eat more salads, smoothies, cook less and learn what your body needs to fuel itself. Through creative use of a food processor, making salad can be FAST.

Plant a garden, even if it is only tomatoes in pots, herbs on the windowsill, or a few trays of lettuce. Remember, organic produce comes with viable seeds.

Starting with your morning – take a few minutes to do some meditation.

Make your bed, unless there is someone in it.

If you are using a slow cooker to save time and energy, you can drop in either oatmeal for breakfast or something with a longer runtime, like beans which have been soaked overnight, drained, and rinsed.

If you want a gentler wake up, you can chop fruit and/or vegetables for your next two meals, as well.

Exercise in the morning – this gets it done, “earns your breakfast”, and is an easy way to start the day feeling accomplished and energized. There are many subscription sites like which offer a wide variety of at home classes.

Optimally, if you eat breakfast, have fresh fruit. Or the oatmeal from earlier and fruit. If you want to save a few mental cycles (decisions), have the same breakfast every day.

Work at a stand up desk. Sitting is the new smoking – everyone does it, we thought it was safe, now we know better. Besides, Harvard says that this burns roughly 8 additional calories per hour, for 250 work days, 8 hours a day, that is 16000 calories, nearly 5 pounds of fat you should be able to avoid, all else being equal.

Consider using a projector with your computer, as recommended by natural vision correction expert Esther van der Werf. The idea isn’t as much to avoid the blue light all day (which is only a problem at night) – it is to avoid looking into direct sources of light all day. Reflected light is better, and much easier on the eyes. As a bonus, it’s also a great way to watch sporting events or movies.

With the extra time saved by working from home and not needing to drive, you could take this as a great opportunity to let your eyes have a rest from wearing glasses or contacts all day long. Glasses and contacts may provide you with clear vision, but also add to eyestrain, which is why vision tends to gradually worsen over time when these compensating lenses are used extensively. What can you still do without the lenses? How blurry is your world and how does that make you feel? Take some time to explore this “naked-eyes” world; you may be surprised at how much you can still accomplish with ease, or you may find you are quickly overwhelmed and in need of a rest. In case of overwhelm, instead of instantly going back to the lenses, take five or ten minutes to simply sit with eyes closed. Tune in to the feelings in and around your eyes and notice if you can release any areas of tension. You may find upon opening your eyes that the overwhelm has reduced, and that your eyes feel a whole lot better! For more information on how to help your eyes relax further, check out Esther’s recently published book Optimal Eyesight.

Every hour, do some squats, push-ups, jumping jacks. Encourage your kids and/or S.O. to join you. Be creative; write some letters and send them to foks to let them know you love them. We will all look back at this time and say “why did everyone buy up the paper goods?”

Go play a game, brush up on sports with the kids or neighbors. Remember when we all played outside together and had picnics?

Be well and live well. Let go of the non-sense and just eat a lot more fruits and veggies, find recipes and be open to it.

Go run in the rain, play more and laugh more.

Shari Leiterman





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