If you’re going to take a pill, make sure it’s the red one

A Pill for Every Ill?

There are even meds for made up conditions, like Latisse for eyelash deficiency.


The medical establishment does not exist to serve you in any way. The Medical establishment exists, as a business, to increase its own power, income, and Market.

Obviously, right? That is what bsinesses DO.

The government does not exist to serve you, the government exists to serve itself. And in the United States, we know that the government has an unfunded social security problem so it’s a happy coincidence if a lot of people don’t survive much past their Social Security initiation age, which is continuously creeping upward.


The Medical Establishment is far and away the largest purchaser of Congressional influence…I mean…campain donations. This money is not being invested to make you healthier – In fact, it’s a cost that has to be recouped.


George Carlin had a great routine which basically went something like this:

“there’s no money in dead people and there’s no money in healthy people, where they want you is somewhere in between”.


Think about it..


And why is Google deciding which health information you get to see and deciding (coincidentally?) in favor of the side with the larger ad spend?


Do I need to explain it? Let me know in the comments.








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