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Upgrade Your Water

If you don’t live in a pristine area, if you live in a country where you are downstream from someone(s) who are taking pharmaceuticals for

Upgrade Your Coffee

After you have upgraded your water Upgrade your coffee.  Buy the highest quality coffee that you can, from the richest soil with the best environmental

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Avoid Decision Fatigue

Decision Fatigue is the scientific term for willpower. By removing micro-decisions, tiny disciplines can have great leverage in guiding the behaviors you want to create.

Take Cold Showers

This small discipline pays big dividends. Here is one of the many positive reviews of this practice on Research, mental fortitude, reference to the

Take a Vegan Challenge

My friend Lisa Montgomery of my hometown, Royersford, PA wrote a book Vegan Challenge…I consider it a spectacular guilde for anyone who wants to try

Routinize Your Exercise

Consistent with Reduce Decision Fatigue, I have two primary workouts, both of which can be done at home, neither of which absolutely requires equipment. #1