Are You Being Retarded?

Is something holding you back? 

Could it be the things that you think are true but are not?

Or maybe your Western Diet?  I have said, “provably dumber every day on the Standard American Diet”…get onto a nutrition lifeboat while you can still read and understand these words! 🙂

Have you ever questioned whether you have any reasonable basis to believe the things that you believe?

Where did you learn about nutrition? Was it from a coloring book that you got at school? That was probably provided by the generosity of the American Dairy Association or other industry group.

Did you learn about the Four Food Groups in school? That was an obvious fiction (50% of *anything* consisting of meat and dairy) produced by the US government in association with grain growers, meat producers, and dairy industry, and by abdication of responsibility, the Medical Establishment.

It’s not only the “educational” system…

Do you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? That was a marketing fiction created by Kellogg’s to sell more breakfast cereal.

Do have a think about where your beliefs, especially on nutrition and health come from.  It could be the first step to a healthier future…OR NOT.



Where else have you been lied to?  Likely, just about anywhere there is a commercial vested interest.



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