10 Revelations from the U.S. Right to Know Investigations

Your Tax Dollars at Work



 U.S. Right to Know uses Freedom of Informatino Act requests and other tools to expose corruption of various kinds – payoffs, unreported funding, government employees “carrying water” for Corporates, etc. In this article, we have a little bit of everything, including a favorite of Monsanto, “front groups” – related to astro-turfing – gropus which are named to appear impartial, but fully funded by industry to promote their agenda.

This is how the Prevailing Pseudoscience reinforces itself, including the cozy ties between industry, Universites, and “academics” The result is a truly unholy alliance, as repoted in the USRTK article.

Note, in particular, Monsanto’s attack on the Organics industry. Yeah, who would want food without pesticides. I remember a YouTuber aquintance of mine, who had zero sciene background – not even the first Organic Chemistry class, let alone Biochemistry or Risk Assessment, who was shilling for one of the shills of this group Your government to you : “You have no need to know about death chemicals (-cides) in your food.”

As a thought exercise – When Chevron buys naming rights to the Chemistry Building at the University of Pittsburgh, what are the chances that other departments will study the health effects of their products? Yeah, not.




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